Preparing and Setting Up Your Creative Environment

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“Work Space/Studio: To get started, you have to create room for you to even be an artist or a writer. You need a studio or a room, half of the laundry room, a table, a corner in your bedroom- somewhere that is designated “arting” space, where everyone knows it is used to create art and/or writing. Ideally, it is a space where you feel comfortable in and won’t be disturbed. This is where you will be creating, where you will be keeping your ideas. It is the breeding zone of creativity so make it inviting, get excited when you enter into it. Think of putting up art you like, photographs that inspire you, some affirmations, quotes, things that make you laugh, some flowers. Maybe even a CD or iPod player to listen to music. Pick out a set of painting clothes or a classy dress (whatever you prefer). It’s important to have a daily routing: prepare yourself, put on your painting clothes, put your hair up, and prepare your environment, keep your area organized and inviting!

Supplies/Materials: You need a desk or table and a chair to be your place of idea-making. The importance of actually spending a little money on supplies is like telling yourself “I’m investing you, we are going to take this seriously, you deserve some good materials because exploring creativity is important.” It lifts your mood, giving you some little gifts, it builds excitement. You need some pencils, pens, colors, and an idea sketchbook, for both writers and artists. This table will be where you start your day, sketching ideas or character plots, writing about things you saw, formulating what you want to create next.

Now, for materials, there is a wide range of possibilities. For writers, you will need a laptop or type-writer. For artists, some of us are multimedia artists, photographers, illustrators, painters, sketch-artists, or a mix of them all. So obviously the materials list will change according to the type of art you do.”

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