Rumi: Words of the Divine

Speaking of poetry, I am very picky with poetry. Often times, I am either unsure or I know that I’ve fallen in love with a poem. So far, one of my all-time favorite poets is Rumi. I find that he exposes ways of my thinking that need to be changed and words the divine in way the capture me. So let me share a few:

“Don’t give your heart to anything but the love of those whose hearts are glad.”

“Every instant we are dying and returning.
To every cry of ‘oh Lord,’ he answers a hundred times ‘I am here.'”

“The intelligent desire self-control
children want candy.”

“If you are wholly perplexed and in straits
have patience, for patience is the key to joy.”

“Anyone not flying to the Lord of Glory must suppose himself perfect.
There is no worse sickness for the soul,
O you who are proud, than this pretense of perfection.
The heart and eyes must bleed a lot before self-complacency falls away.”

“God created pain and sorrow
that happiness might show itself by contrast.
For hidden things are made manifest
by means of their opposites:
since God has no opposite, He is hidden.”

If you are interested in more of Rumi’s poetry, click here.


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  1. I have a category JUST for Rumi quotes.

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