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Bonjour! Je m’appelle Maya Joy. I am a recent graduate from the University of California: Santa Cruz. I currently reside in San Francisco, California, where I work, study and create collections of art works (among other things). I have great interest in writing, painting, drawing, reading, dancing, physics, Eastern thought, photography and more! If you have any questions feel free to email me at:

The Consensus on Love

The consensus, I’ve discovered, is that love is worth it. We can take on everything. And the heart, the unknown, the mysterious, the stuff that cannot be proven, wins over our science and reason. We should have known afterall- all … Continue reading

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About Making Love Stay…

“When the mystery of the connection goes, love goes. It’s that simple. This suggests that it isn’t love that is so important to us but the mystery itself. The love connection may be merely a device to put us in … Continue reading

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Devendra Banhart

Just some music by Devendra Banhart to inspire, this is one of my favorites, from his album, Nino Rojo.

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What a Novel Month of November

The official countdown has begun! 17 days until NaNoWriMo starts!  Although I have heard of it, I haven’t thought about it all year but when a friend of mine brought up the idea, I thought, why not?! I’ve been wanting … Continue reading

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Part 2: “Dilapidated House”

“Dilapidated House” Part 2 in the series. Stay tuned for the rest!

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Inspiration from Mystical Poets

“And what kind of God would He be if the vote of millions in this world could sway Him to change the Divine law of love that speaks so clearly with compassion’s elegant tongue saying, eternally saying: all are forgiven- … Continue reading

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“Today I’m Orange and Green”

The start of a new series- alas!

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